Spurs’ Assou-Ekotto explains Moukandjo tête-à-tête: ‘He said, ”Give me a break!”, I couldn’t tolerate that’ (!!!) [L’Equipe]

Spurs Assou Ekotto explains Moukandjo tête à tête: He said, Give me a break!, I couldnt tolerate that (!!!) [LEquipe]Benoit Assou-Ekotto looked a right mug during Cameroon’s 0-4 defeat to Croatia, sticking his afro on teammate Benjamin Moukandjo, and aggressively leaning his forehead into him.

Surely a grave insult would be the only thing to justify reacting like that to a teammate, right?

Well, not exactly, and the Spurs full-back looks an even bigger mug after telling L’Equipe the story behind it; suffice to say it was a slight overreaction from Assou-Ekotto.

He told L’Equipe:

Benjamin’s error didn’t annoy me, that can happen to anyone. 

But when I approached him about it, without speaking badly to him, he says back, ‘Give me a break!’

That expression sparked me right off, I couldn’t tolerate it. 

There was so much frustration, but I look like a fool. You just don’t do that, there were millions of people watching, kids…’

‘So a simple ‘give me a break!’ was enough to make Assou Ekotto nearly headbutt a teammate. And he’s the one who started it!


(Via So Foot)

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