Someone has mashed up Liverpool’s Gerrard taking out Stoke’s Walters with Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball [Vine]

Who knew six second clips could be so loved?!

A Liverpool fan has taken a small clip from the Reds 5-3 win at Stoke on Sunday in the Premier League, added a short music clip from Miley Cyrus’ hit tune “Wrecking Ball”, uploaded the video onto Vine and is now sitting back and watching the video go viral.

The clip in question sees Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard come from nowhere to pummel Stoke forward Jon Walters to the floor when the Potters #19 appeared to have out-fought Lucas when challenging for a high ball at the Britannia Stadium.

Watch the clip of Liverpool’s Gerrard taking out Stoke’s Walters below.