Sol Campbell: ‘If I was white I would have been England captain, and I’m not gay’ [Video]

Sol Campbell is on the self-promotion book trail, and to say he’s making a splash would be an understatement.

The former Spurs and Arsenal defender has based the theme of his book around race, and how being black impeded him from ‘breaking the glass ceiling’, so to speak, and is the reason why he never became England captain, according to his version of events.

Campbell says his England performances were ‘fantastic, he had the charisma, he had everything’, and yet Michael Owen got the captaincy before him.

Hmmm. He may have a point.

Asked outright if he’s gay – a rumour that followed him throughout his career, Campbell bizarrely paused, before emphatically replying, ‘No’.

Campbell has a wife and kids, and says it’s typical of society to judge people without even knowing them.

Watch the engaging interview below.