Sky Sports presenter forgets only memorable thing about Ricky van Wolfswinkel: His name [Vine]

Anyone who loves a good blunder from news presenters will enjoy this vine of Sky Sports presenter Amy Lewis calling Ricky van Wolfswinkel ‘Ricky van Wolf Sphincter‘.

Van Wolfswinkel moved to Norwich last summer from Sporting Lisbon with a decent reputation but after scoring on his debut it all went downhill for the striker.

He would not add to his tally and generally seemed bereft of confidence on the pitch; this bout of name-calling will hardly boost his self-esteem.

Lewis did try to redeem herself at the end by throwing in a loose ‘Winkel‘ but then anyone who wasn’t familiar with the striker already will think his name was Ricky Van Wolf Sphincter Winkel.

Ricky van Wolfswinkel