Singing Arsenal fans ruin a Spanish TV report (video)

Reporting live television can sometimes be hazardous, and so it proved for one unfortunate Spanish female reporter when she tried to deliver a serious segment around a hoard of travelling fans before the Barcelona-Arsenal match this week.

It all started well enough for reporter Andrea Ropero as she began her piece with Arsenal fans casually standing around and appearing more interested in their beers. But that all changed after one supporter walked right behind the reporter and pulled a face on live TV, which quickly led to the fans striking up a loud chorus of “F**ked by Eboue!”

And then things deteriorated fast.

Cue fans popping into view from every angle, including one kid who dramatically kissed the Arsenal badge right next to the presenter, while two older fellas continued the micky-taking by performing the classic pelvic-thrust in Ms. Ropero’s direction.

Footage of the incident can be seen here.