Scouse Wit! Liverpool Kop ask Suarez ‘What the f**king hell was that?’ after Row Z free-kick v Hull

908514604 soccer barclays premier league liverpool v manchester city anfield Scouse Wit! Liverpool Kop ask Suarez What the f**king hell was that? after Row Z free kick v HullThe Anfield Kop is one of, if not the most storied terraces in English football, seen by many as the birthplace of football chanting as we know it today, dating back to the Shankly era.

And the Kop showed their legendary Scouse wit on New Year’s Day with some in-joke banter with their idol Luis Suarez.

El Pistolero, who’d already scored earlier in the game, blazed a late free-kick high and wide into row Z in the final minutes of the win over Hull, which provoked a brilliant, instantaneous reaction from the Kop:

‘What the fucking hell was that?’

Both Suarez and manager Brendan Rodgers caught the chant and cracked up at the brilliant Kop banter.

You gotta love the Scouse humour!

B101 Writer