Sacha Baron Cohen’s next film is about being a Grimsby football hooligan [Pictures]


Pictures have come out over the past few days revealing that Sacha Baron Cohen’s next film will be based around football hooliganism.

The film, which doesn’t yet having a working title, has been given the following description:

The film revolves around a secret agent who learns that he has a long-lost brother, a dimwitted soccer fan (a real hooligan), with whom he must team up.

With Grimsby likely to take a bashing in much the same way Sacha Baron Cohen embarrassed Kazakhstan with his character Borat, it’s not surprising that local residents aren’t best pleased with the movie. Indeed, one local councillor, Matthew Brown, has voiced his concerns that “It is using the town’s name in potentially a poor light.”

The movie is set for release in July 2015.

See pictures from the shoot below.