RUMOUR: Arsene Wenger almost sent Szczesny, Flamini & Gibbs home from Arsenal’s NY trip for a prank

There is a rumour going round like wildfire on social networks from Arsenal’s base in New York.

The Gunners have travelled to the Big Apple for a pre-season friendly with the New York Red Bulls, and according to the unconfirmed rumour mill, Wojciech Szczesny, Mathieu Flamini and Keiran Gibbs have come close to getting sent home. 

The story on the grapevine is that the three Arsenal players made Arsene Wenger lose the plot after they pranked him by swapping his coffee for gravy.

As far as we can tell the story has been started on Arsenal’s Reddit page, although the precise source is still unknown.

Below are some tweets on the hilarious Arsenal story.