Romanian legend Gheorghe Hagi’s crazy 180-degree pirouette pass in a Galatasaray v Barcelona legends match

Thanks to @Emishor for the next video.

Earlier in the week a team of Galatasaray legends beat their Barcelona counterparts by a slender goal to nil, and the match offered viewers a chance of seeing Romanian hero Gheorghe Hagi execute an amazing pass.

With 20 minutes gone in the game Hagi received a pass tight on the right hand touchline and with a Barca player for company.

Those issues,though, only sought to offer Hagi an opportunity to shine, as the 48-year-old Galatasaray superstar pulled off a 180-degree pirouette followed by an outside-of-the-boot pass to find a teammate.

Watch Gheorghe Hagi prove that he’s still got it below.

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