Pictures: Is Stamford Bridge morphing into a WWE event with all the homemade anti-Benitez banners?

The similarities between watching a WWE event and a match at Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge are striking these days.

In both arenas viewers entertain themselves booing cartoonish blown-out-of-proportion baddies while TV cameras exaggerate the shadow of the villains by shining a huge lens on them at every opportunity.

Then there are the homemade, almost-always-lame banners which fans bring to the events to express their hatred/love of their favourite/worst characters.

Lastly there is the omnipresent, untouchable owner of the organisations – Vince McMahon and Roman Abramovich – who the fans generally opt not to rub up the wrong way, most likely, in fear that they’ll simply walk away.

With that observation expressed, below are some of the best/worst Chelsea banners seen at the match v Nordsjaelland from Wednesday night.