Pec Power! Nixon (Flamengo) scores diving chest golazo v Vasco

Flamengo’s Nixon may not have a Scooby Doo about Watergate, but if he keeps scoring golazos like this, he may go some way to redeeming the Nixon name.

The former US President’s namesake scored an incredible golazo with his left pec in Thursday’s Taça Guanabara win over Vasco Da Gama.

Realising the ball was too low to get his head on it, and too high to volley, Nixon has the ingeniously instinctive idea to latch onto the cross with a diving chest.

The result was a perfect, powerful connection, accompanied by an epic and triumphant dive into the net.


Watch Nixon’s diving chest golazo on the video below, and watch him explain how he’s done it in training before on the second (in Portuguese.

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