Paul Scholes proves he’s a class act with calm response to being hit by stray ball [Vine]

Paul Scholes reiterated what a class act he was tonight when he was hit on the back of the head with a stray ball with doing punditry with BT Sport.

In the middle of making a point, his train of thought was interrupted when he was unwittingly on the receiving end of a pass.

Rather than getting flustered, the Manchester United great turned around and, with the right amount of sarcasm, credited his assailant for having a good shot.

A pass master, Scholes himself was guilty of pinging balls at teammates when their backs were turned.

It’s been said before that if a chum went off to have a cheeky wee in the bushes, they could expect to be hit by ‘an inaccurate’* Scholes pass!

*There’s no such thing as an inaccurate Scholes pass.