Panathinaikos manager Anastasiou hit in the face with with bottle of Coke by Olympiakos fans [Vine]

It kicked off in the Athens Derby at the weekend in Greek football’s biggest game, Olympiakos v Panathinkaios, won 3-0 by the visitors.

The game spiraled out of control around a half-hour in when Olympiakos’ Olaitan collapsed on the pitch with a minor cardiac arrest, from which he’s recovered well.

Olympiakos fans began raining missiles down on the pitch in the confusion that ensued, and Yiannis Anastasiou took a full bottle of Coca-Cola to the face, as can be seen in the Vine below.

You get the feeling Greek’s authorities won’t be conducting a witch hunt to track down the perpetrator…

Thankfully Anastasiou escaped serious injury from the missile.