Osasuna fans trolled Ballon D’Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo with ‘Ball of Shit’ chants during Real Madrid’s visit

Cristiano Ronaldo may have been crowned the Ballon D’Or this week, but don’t expect La Liga’s minnows to lose any sleep over it.

Osasuna’s fans showed their apathy and downright contempt for the new Golden Ball in world football on Tuesay night in Real Madrid’s 2nd leg Copa del Rey clash, which Los Blancos won out 4-0 on aggregate.

The locals trolled Ronaldo with chants of ‘Balon de Playa’ (Beach ball) and ‘Balon de Mierda’ (Ball of Shit).

The chants were pretty well banged out in unison and were clearly audible throughout the game; Ronaldo will have heard but didn’t seem bothered.

Some Osasuna kids, it must be said, weren’t as rude as their elders though, shouting, ‘Well done on your Golden Ball Ronaldo!’