Pahang’s Hafiz Kamal sent off for kicking & stomping on Kelantan’s Zamri Ramli

A crazy red card offence was recorded in Malaysia’s first division last weekend.

Pahang drew 2-2 with Kelantan on Saturday in a match which saw the hosts reduced to ten men for the final half an hour.

Hafiz Kamal, Pahang’s 25-year-old striker, collected one of the most blatant straight red cards of the season after he assaulted Kelantan’s Zamri Ramli with three kicks to his opponent’s shins before capping off his attack by deliberately stomping on his victim’s back.

Amazingly Hafiz Kamal and his Pahang cohorts had the cojones to try and contest the dismissal with the referee.

Watch Hafiz Kamal’s terrible attack on Kelantan’s Zamri Ramli below.