Nuri Sahin 1 – Mesut Özil 0: Turkish star nutmegs his former Real Madrid teammate

Arsenal’s German star Mesut Özil suffered one specific moment of failure against Borussia Dortmund when he was outclassed by Nuri Sahin.

During the second half Özil collected the ball in the right back slot as Dortmund were pressing up the pitch, and the Arsenal #11 decided to try and beat Sahin in an effort to get the Gunners further upfield.

Özil’s plan went badly.

Sahin, who played with Özil at Real Madrid, picked off the situation almost immediately, and the ex-Liverpool man not only robbed the Gunner of possession, but then the Turk nutmegged Özil for good measure.

Watch Nuri Sahin nutmeg Mesut Özil below, along with a clip of Arsene Wenger showing off his ball skills on the Dortmund touchline.


Nuri Sahin