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No Wonder Bermudez Couldn’t Believe His Luck! An Equatorial Guinea official promised €50,000 to whoever scored against Spain

Sunday, November 17th, 2013

The sight of Jimmy Bermudez wheeling away in lost bewilderment, hands on his head after scoring for Equatorial Guinea last night was a curious one.

Sure, he’d just scored a goal against the world and European champions, but let’s not kid ourselves: this is a Colombian playing for Equatorial Guinea; it was hardly a feeling of patriotic pride he was showing.

No, Bermudez was so overcome with joy because his bank balance had just been injected to the tune of 50 Gs – the amount an Equatorial Guinea ‘official’  had promised to whichever Equatorial Guinean could put the ball in the Spanish net.

Probably more or less the equivalent to a year’s salary at Bermudez’s club, LDU Loja.


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