No Wonder Bermudez Couldn’t Believe His Luck! An Equatorial Guinea official promised €50,000 to whoever scored against Spain

The sight of Jimmy Bermudez wheeling away in lost bewilderment, hands on his head after scoring for Equatorial Guinea last night was a curious one.

Sure, he’d just scored a goal against the world and European champions, but let’s not kid ourselves: this is a Colombian playing for Equatorial Guinea; it was hardly a feeling of patriotic pride he was showing.

No, Bermudez was so overcome with joy because his bank balance had just been injected to the tune of 50 Gs – the amount an Equatorial Guinea ‘official’  had promised to whichever Equatorial Guinean could put the ball in the Spanish net.

Probably more or less the equivalent to a year’s salary at Bermudez’s club, LDU Loja.


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