Nigeria’s actual own goal v Scotland (Egwuekwe) also had hallmarks of matchfixing [Video]

Scotland’s draw with Nigeria at Craven Cottage last night is being investigated for matchfixing, and most of the evidence has centered around goalkeeper Austin Ejide’s throwing the ball into his own net.

That own goal didn’t actually count, ruled out for offisde; but the actual OG they scored later on also had some hallmarks of matchfixing.

Not necessarily from the player who turned into his own net, Egwuekwe, but from two other Nigeria players who showed some pretty unorthodox defending in ‘trying’ to clear their lines.

First, one passed diagonally out of his box – a move you very rarely see due to the obvious danger, – and the subsequent wild diagonal lash back in the other direction; again, a bizarre decision that goes against Defending 101: never clear across your own box/line.

Make your own mind up by watching the clip below – were these Nigeria players also complicit in the matchfixing keeper Ejide’s been accused of?