New Everton striker Landon Donovan caught escaping into Mexico (video)

Proving that Americans will do anything to gamble!


(A translation of the ad into English)

Crossing guard: “Stop right there!”
LD: “I am Mexican!” (pronounced erroneously)
Crossing guard: “Clearly not, you are..Landon Donovan”
LD: “Oh” (no Emmy or Oscars coming anytime soon LD )
Crossing guard: “What are you doing on this side?” (of the border)
LD: “It’s just that… winning in Mexico is easier”
Crossing guard: (angry voice) WHAT??!?
LD: No, no I am talking about Ganagol…
Crossing guard: Ganagol?
LD: Ganagol the new game where it’s easier to win because they are only twelve matches
Crossing guard : So it will be easier for ME, NOT for you, so go home, orale, let’s go!