Miss of the weekend: Nicklas Bendtner (Arsenal-Cardiff) or Ismael Blanco (AEK Athens-Thrasyvoulos)?

Two shocking misses for you to chew over and decide which was worse.

Not everything at the Emirates last night was good. Minutes before the halftime whistle, loudmouth Nicklas Bendtner was silenced when he managed to miss scoring into an open goal from all of four yards out.

How a Premier League striker can fluff such an opportunity is an anomaly. The chance was handed to the young Dane on a silver platter after Eduardo da Silva saw his shot saved by Cardiff keeper Heaton. And with the goal begging at his mercy, Bendtner not only managed to strike the post with his initial effort, but he then allowed Heaton to save his second effort from the rebound.

Ironically, yesterday morning Bendtner was widely quoted saying “I should start every game, I should be playing every minute of every match and always be in the team.”

Bendtner’s horror miss can be seen here.

The second horror miss came in Saturday’s match between AEK Athens and Thrasyvoulos in the Greek Super League.

Midway through the second half the sides were still locked in a goalless battle, before AEK’s top scorer Ismael Blanco committed a horrible error by somehow failing to score into a completely unguarded net.

Striker-partner Rafik Djebbour managed to win the ball from defender Federico Martorell on the left flank before heading straight into the box, drawing keeper Pecanha off his line as the shot-stopper attempted to shut down the attack. With the keeper stranded out of his goal, Djebbour squared the ball to the unmarked Blanco, who only needed to tap the ball into the empty net from three yards out.

What transpired was horrible. Blanco got his timing all wrong, completely misdirecting his effort, and allowing defender Martorell to scramble back and clear the ball out for a corner.

Blanco’s nightmare in front of goal can be seen here.

So which was worse? You decide.

10 Replies to “Miss of the weekend: Nicklas Bendtner (Arsenal-Cardiff) or Ismael Blanco (AEK Athens-Thrasyvoulos)?”

  1. Blanco’s was worse. Bendtner’s first effort was poor but the second was a great save by the keeper. Its a shame because Bendtner had a really good game last night.

  2. bendtner’s was worse. not only did he miss two chances, but he actually had more time than blanco. the fact the keeper saved bendtners effort doesnt matter, he should have scored anyway. it wasnt exactly put in the corner or expertly tucked away that you can say “fair enough” to the keeper, was it?

    also, i have a request to 101greatgoals. loving the site and all, but there is a certain thing i would want you to show here for the amusement of the fans. youtube keep deleting it, and other sport forums wont allow it for long before it is moderated.

    there is a story in the telegraph, about a man who broke his marriage up because he met someone on facebook. as it turns out, the man (a manchester united supporter) travelled 400 miles, on a 9-hour journey to aberdeen up in scotland, to meet the woman, “emma”. as it turns out, on his recent holiday in mexico, he had met two liverpool fans, and it was their hoax!!

    their is a audio recording on daily motion i think, i cant find it now but someone posted a link somewhere earlier on another forum.

    If you cant get it, no problem, but i think it would be great if you could! Thanks

  3. bendtner or as me and my mates call him ‘bentender’ is a terrible player. that was no surprise to me when he missed the open goal he is thew worst striker in the epl

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