Millwall’s Neil Harris leads fans in song (F*** ‘Em All) at Leeds

All good lip-readers see players and managers swear religiously during matches, however it’s slighter rarer to hear a footballer strike up a tune bleating out profanities.

After Millwall beat Leeds 2-nil on Monday night in League One, Lions’ striker Neil Harris redressed the balance.

The footage can be seen here.

8 Replies to “Millwall’s Neil Harris leads fans in song (F*** ‘Em All) at Leeds”

  1. As a Leeds fan I find goingup’s comment about Neil Harris’s loss of a testicle to cancer in complete bad taste. Neil Harris has been a total pain in the a**e to Leeds United over the last few seasons but I feel that his courage in overcoming his illness and returning to play professional football to the level he does is to be greatly admired. I was angry when some of my fellow “fans” sang about Harris’s loss of a testicle as he was substituted on Monday and would say that as I doubt very much they would have the courage to say anything to Harris’s face that as he only has one ball it is one more than they have.

  2. Who cares, as a Charlton fan, i agree totally with Terry. Harris must have some serious balls to comeback from that. I would love some of the Charlton players show that kind of passion for our club. Nice one Neil.

  3. well first good luck to harris football irrelevant when it comes to things like cancer,but i want to know is who was he singing to!! no one from millwall turned up 368 fucking fans what a shit support,leeds would have had 3000 at millwall on a mon night thats why your still a shit club and always will be 2 soft goals and you think you,ve won the champions league fuck off back to that shit hole in south london!!

  4. Ross Boyer – No Millwall fan is a cnut so your comment is of no use here, very angry person you seem, there are classes you can take for that.

    Kev Cressey – So sorry about your name (hope it’s made up) my condolences on that. You said no one from Millwall turned up, then you go on to say we had 368 fans, you need to make up your mind. 2 soft goals you said, well if that is true shows how good your team are don’t it, and you call us a shit club

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