MENTAL! Gazélec Ajaccio’s deputy chairman kicks a Lens player

Gazélec Ajaccio’s deputy chairman Olivier Miniconi committed a crazy act of violence on Friday night in France after his side were beaten 2-0 by Lens in Ligue 2.

The visitors, upset by a handful of decisions during the match, were left hot under the collar when the final whistle blew.

As part of their protests with the officials and the Lens players, the middle-aged Olivier Miniconi appeared on the pitch amid a group of quarreling players.

Then, like a mentalist, the Ajaccio senior official kicked out at Lens substitute Wylan Cyprien. It was a stupid, stupid thing to do.

A flare up blew up leaving an unrepentant looking Miniconi hauled away from the scene by his own staff.

Watch Miniconi’s mental assault below.