Manchester United to ‘sound out’ under-fire Bayern coach Pep Guardiola before confirming van Gaal [MEN]

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Though Manchester United are believed to have their deal to bring van Gaal in next season all sewn up – he’s expected to sign next Wednesday – Manchester Evening News claim there could still be one final twist in their managerial search.

MEN claim that in light of the recent rumblings at Bayern following their exit from the Champions League, United feel they have a chance of swooping in for Pep Guardiola.

With Guardiola issuing a highly risque ultimatum to his chiefs on Friday, essentially calling them out to sack or back him after all the criticism, MEN say that United will now sound out Guardiola before actually confirming their deal with van Gaal.

It seems a highly unlikely story, and would be an incredible about-face considering all the noises from van Gaal’s camp, but stranger things have happened.