Manchester United Fan Channel vox-pop Everton fans on their feelings on David Moyes outside Goodison [Video]

Adam McKola of Manchester United fan channel was down at Goodison yesterday for the Everton game, and pre-match he vox-popped Toffees fans on their opinions of their former manager David Moyes.

Interestingly, Moyes seems to be footballing Marmite down on the blue side of Merseyside now;  many hold fond feelings for their former boss and what he did for their club, while many others are bitter over how he ‘stitched them up’ in the summer, by trying to nab Baines and Fellaini at cut prices.

Ironically, their win over their former boss may have now done for him at his new club, with the rumours circulating this afternoon that Moyes’ sacking is imminent