Man City TV dubiously claim Edin Dzeko pulled off bridge shot on 1st take, forget to hide ball in the lake [Video]

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Manchester City have been preparing a new promo over the last week, with the players shown playing about in Manchester’s nature and fresh air.

And not withstanding the incredible skill of City’s players, and that they ‘do all their own stunts’ – his one segment, which claims Edin Dzeko kicked a ball onto a bridge on the first take, requires a certain level of gullibility.

(Skip to the 6:30 mark) Edin Dzeko is shown by the canal, and is then supposed to have lashed the ball perfectly onto the bridge a good 50 yards away.

Two dubious points to watch out for: 1. the way the camerawoman supposedly catches the ball with such ease, catching it as easily as a professional goalkeeper.

2. There’s a rather incriminating ball in the lake, which raises serious doubts as to the ‘first take’ claim…

Edin Dzeko