Louis van Gaal got Man United to give his agent’s fee to charity, then he matched it. It was £1 million [The Sun]

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 12.18.51 AMLouis van Gaal has got some good press on the front page of the Sun on Thursday.

The day after the Dutchman moved in at Manchester United, the tabloid have a story about the Iron Tulip’s generous side.

According to the Sun, as van Gaal doesn’t use an agent, Man United saved in the region of £600,000 when the Dutchman agreed to join Old Trafford.

Rather than let United trouser that money, van Gaal asked the club to pay it out to chairty, and then he match that fee out of his pocket.

It total, the charitable donation was said to be north of £1 million.