LOLZ: Malta defender Luke Dimech thinks he’s Beckenbauer in 6-0 defeat to Bulgaria

Ranked 147th in the world, the Maltese didn’t do themselves any favours in their 6-0 defeat to Bulgaria on Friday night.

Some of the goals conceded were the result of  simply astoundingly bad defending.

The worst of all was the fourth, scored by Bugaria’s Emil Gargorov, after Malta’s Luke Dimech decided to go walkabout.

Picking up possession on the edge of his own area, Dimech suddenly believed he was Franz Beckenbauer, and went on a light dribble.

Then, making the lamest attempt at a NUTS! you’ll ever see, he was intercepted by Gadzhev, who then jogged casually into the Maltese box to tee up Gargorov to tap in.

Luke Dimech: Know Your Role!

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