LOLZ: Lazio keeper Federico Marchetti breaks the goal net v Chievo

Lazio versus Chievo was only 12 minute old before play came to a dramatic halt.

Rome goalie Federico Marchetti was called into action when the Flying Donkeys’ Alberto Paloschi looked to lob the keeper from way out with a shot from midfield.

Undoubtedly Marchetti was spooked by Paloschi’s inventive strike, as so the goalie backpedalled at a furious pace, only to find himself tearing the goal down.

As Paloschi’s shot went wide, Marchetti scored a ‘human goal’ as he whizzed at top speed into his goalmouth. And within a flash the match was on hold as Marchetti’s human goal collasped the Lazio net in a memorable comedy moment.

Watch Federico Marchetti break the goal net below.

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