Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers clarifies ‘Greater Manchester’ remark – ‘questioning logic not integrity’ [Video]

Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers’ has come under the spotlight following his ‘Greater Manchester’ remark in the wake of his side’s defeat at Man City – citing the ref’s geographic origins as un unfair disadvantage for Liverpool in that match; and Rodgers has now moved to clarify his remark.

Explaining that he was merely questioning the logic of the decision – and therefore not the individual’s integrity – Rodgers fell short of apologising, instead trying to put his remark into context.

He went on the give the example of Mike Dean – ‘from the Wirral (Liverpool”) –  who he doubts has reffed many Liverpool games in his refereeing career.

He further rationalised his comments by explaining – Shanklyesque –  that he’s the representative and spokesperson for millions of fans across the world, and that they have the right to know how he feels.


Paranoid or justified?

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