Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers backs Daniel Sturridge to reach ‘world class’ level of Luis Suarez

Brendan Rodgers is forever throwing mental challenges at his Liverpool players, testing them psychologically to eke out every bit of talent from them.

Rodgers affords striker Daniel Sturrdige particular attention, often praising the dancing forward and encouraging him to keep improving.

The Liverpool manager has now ‘laid down the gauntlet’, to use the football cliche, to Sturridge, challenging him to reach the ‘world class’ level of Luis Suarez.

(He clearly didn’t mean to become as good as Suarez is, which is unlikely, but to reach the same world class level.)

Sturridge has been fantastic this season, but is still a long way from that status, which will require several more seasons of consolidation.

Can Sturridge ultimately get to that ‘world class’ level?