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Liverpool fans went mental when they heard they would draw ‘Blue and White Shite’ Everton in FA Cup quarter-final [Video]

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

 Liverpool fans went mental when they heard they would draw Blue and White Shite Everton in FA Cup quarter final [Video]Liverpool fans are in confident, swaggering mood right now.

After crushing city rivals Everton and then Arsenal in the league, the Reds fear no one right now.

At the Emirates on Sunday, they naturally expected another cakewalk against Arsenal, and to cruise into the FA Cup quarter-finals.

Their hubris looks a little silly now, but there was no talking to them ahead of kick off at the Emirates.

As the draw for the next round beamed into the TV screens at the Emirates bar, the boozed up travelling Kop went absolutely bonkers at the news that they would draw Everton in the next round, should they beat Arsenal.

Despite the fact they still had to actually go and beat Arsenal before that could materialize, they went absolutely mental at the news they would play the ‘Blue and White Shite’, celebrating as if a Suarez golazo had just gone in at the Kop end.

Reaction looks a little silly now though eh…

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