Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard praises debutant Teixeira: ‘That what you did there, was f**king brilliant!’ [Gif]

What a moment for young João Carlos Teixeira on his Liverpool debut.

The young Portuguese midfielder was given high praise for a tackle he made just minutes after coming on for his 9 minute debut, and not just from anybody – from club legend and captain Stevie G.

Gerrard had a special word for him after Liverpool were awarded their late penalty, to acknowledge Teixeira’s contribution, telling him,

‘That what you did there, was fucking brilliant!’

Nice to see Gerrard teaching Teixeira the nuances of advanced Scouse too!

Poor Teixeira probably hadn’t a Scooby Doo what he was on about though.

Now someone call the Grammar Police, because the English language has just been violated.