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Lille’s friendly v Maccabi Haifa stopped after fans storm pitch with Palestinian flags

Sad scenes were witnessed during Lille’s pre-season friendly with Maccabi Haifa on Wednesday.

The match was interrupted in the 84th minute when a group of male fans stormed the pitch holding Palestinian flags waving in the air.

The footage showed a coming together between one Haifa player and one of the pitch invaders, and within seconds the trespassers were involved in a ruckus with the Israeli footballers.

It’s worth pointing out that Maccabi Haifa has a long history of having Muslim and Arab players in their side, with the likes of Taleb Tawatha, Mohammadou Idrissou, Weaam Amasha, Ataa Jaber, Mohammed Kalibat, Ismaeel Ryan all currently on the club’s books.

See the sad scenes above.

Lynford - even if you are disgusted by what the IDF is doing do you think it's just to attack football players who have no influence at all over the policy of Israel. I don't throw these terms around to everyone but you are an anti-semite plain and simple - presumably you think the burning of synagogues in Paris is ok as well. There are players on that team who are not Jewish or Israeli. If mobs of people in America started attacking muslims in the street after 9/11 is that righteous in your opinion as well? You are scum and you're also a fucking idiot as you don't know what genocide isshouldn't*** why u dont protest against the genocide in iraq? or in syria? or maybe what the us did in afganistan and iraq? civilians hget hurt in war... wish the wasnt, but thats how it nisno room for violence in sports, all people should be attacked because of his race religious or nationality. mr lynford, as an israeli and maccabi fan, you are more than welcome to see the truth from here. palestinians are not our enemy, the hamas is our enemy - terror organization that all european countries ment it. its target to kill any jew or israeli. what would your country do if missiles was been shoot to schools, houses, cities? what was your feel if missiles will be shoot to the oxford street at london or to the buckingham palace? no country will accept that. You are delude, Palestine is like a young child getting beat up by an adult, it isn't fair and Civilians are getting hurt for it, Israel are a disgrace101 great goals you have shown your true colours. Your contempt for these pro-Palestinian protesters is palpable. You have clearly aligned yourself with zionism and the genocide that is currently taking place. Sanctions should be imposed on all Israeli football clubs, shame on Lille
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