‘Like’ this, Moyes? Rooney thanks Hodgson for ‘faith & support’ on Facebook…

Like this, Moyes? Rooney thanks Hodgson for faith & support on Facebook...The stand-off between Wayne Rooney and David Moyes at Manchester United is reaching an impasse, and it’s hard not to read something into Rooney’s latest comunication via the social networks.

Last night, he posted a gushing thanks for Roy Hodgson for his ‘faith and support’ for selecting him in the England squad for the upcoming friendly with Scotland – which Rooney insists will be of a competitve nature (‘always are against Scotland’).

Rooney has never thanked an England manager for a run of the mill call-up (just because he’s been playing little, this would hardly call into question his England place); so the implication is that Rooney was aiming a thinly veiled subversive dig at club manager Moyes.

Of course, it could have been a genuine, no hidden agenda ‘thank you’…


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