Leverkusen struggling to sell Emre Can to LIverpool due to Bayern buy-back clause [Honigstein]

Emre Can’s contract situation is one of those hornet’s nests of red tapes and small print.

The German-Turkish midfielder, sold by Bayern Munich to Bayer Leverkusen last summer, is on Liverpool’s radar, but the possibility of the Reds reaching a deal for Can has hit a snag due to a complex agreement with his former club, Bayern Munich.

In effect, as German football expert Raphael Honistein explains in the Tweets below, Bayern have a buy-back clause option on Emre Can, which could impede Liverpool from negotiating for him.

Bayern are yet to make a bid, and may not even be interested in recuperating the midfielder, though that could quickly change during the transfer window.

Read Honigstein’s tweets below for the lowdown on Emre Can’s situation.


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