Let-Down: Guardian’s promise for ‘big Suarez news’ is total anti-climax, no change

Let Down: Guardians promise for big Suarez news is total anti climax, no changeThe Guardian’s big news on Suarez is that there’s no news, per se.

The broadsheet had promised big news tonight on Luis Suarez developments, and had sent Twitter into a tizzy of idle speculation.

What could it possibly be?

Nothing, as it turns out.

In short, they report that Real Madrid ‘may’ be planning a bid for Suarez, and – get this – Liverpool are planning to reject any approach.

So, the same line as we’ve been fed for what now seems like an eternity…and the Guardian pull off a nice little coup!

Below is the latest from Brendan Rodgers on a different theme, Liverpool’s refreshed interest in bringing in defensive cover.

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