Leaked! Mexico’s away kit for 2014 World Cup is downright fugly [Picture]

Whoever sanctioned this in the Mexican FA should be pulled up in front of a public enquiry and forced to explain themselves.

Uruguayan website Todos Sobre Camisetas have released a brand new image of Mexico’s away shirt for the 2014 World Cup, and it’s downright fugly.

Made by Adidas, the orange-ish red kit looks more like something the Dutch would agree not to wear in public than a kit suitable for El Tri.

Aside from the colour, the shirt has a terrible line across the chest which looks like the readout from a seismometer after an earthquake.

On the bright side, no other nation at World Cup will clash with Mexico’s kit.

But forget what we think, do you like it?

Leaked! Mexicos away kit for 2014 World Cup is downright fugly [Picture]

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