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Lampard/John Terry goal or Tim Howard OG? Chelsea’s winner v Everton is 1 for the Dubious Goals Committee!

Saturday, February 22nd, 2014

Chelsea obviously won’t care – they’re top of the league, havin’ a laugh’ – but their 93rd minute winner against Everton at Goodison today is definitely one for the mysterious Dubious Goals Committee.

Frank Lampard swung in a free-kick – which was definitely a cross, no doubt about that – and it landed right in the danger zone between the keeper and the six yard box.

John Terry followed it in, the ball hit someone, either JT or Howard, and bundled into the back of the net.

It’s unclear whether it was Howard or Terry who got the touch – JT was certainly ready to celebrate it.

Even if Howard touched it, that would make it a Lampard goal as it was on target, so the Twitter suggestions that it should be a Howard OG are illogical.

So, who’s is it – Lampard’s or Terry’s?

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