Just get rid of it! Kashima Antlers play headers in the box, concede 95th min equaliser v Yokohama

Just get rid of it!

That’s what Kashima Antlers fans will have been screaming as they watched their defence faff about with a loose ball in the box in the closing stages of their game with Yokohama F. Marinos.

The Antlers were looking good for a solid 1-0 away win at Yokohama, but their inability to defend a straightforward ball in the box cost them 2 points.

With the ball hanging in the air after a Yokohama free-kick had been delivered into the box, two Kashima Antlers defenders started an impromptu game of headers keepy-ups, instead of simply blasting it away for a corner at worst.

After three awful headers, the ball fell to Yokohama’s Fabio Da Silva, who hit a deflected volley into the roof of the net to draw the game.

Joke defending!