John O’Shea committed the most blatant handball you’ll ever see in Ireland’s match against Poland

Sunderland defender John O’Shea committed one of the most blatant handballs you’re ever likely to see during Ireland’s drab draw with Poland on Tuesday night.

Ten minutes before the break, the Poles sprung an attack through leading forward Robert Lewandowski as the Borussia Dortmund attacker lifted the ball over O’Shea’s head as he threatened to run through on the Irish goal.

Struggling with ways to halt Lewandowski’s attack, O’Shea morphed into a volleyball player as he stretched his right hand high over his head before he blocked the ball with his big palm.

O’Shea was cautioned for his handball, and the Sunderland centre-back was lucky he wasn’t sent off.

Watch John O’Shea’s crazy handball for Ireland against Poland below.