Irish fans deliver a perfect response to offensive Munich Air Disaster graffiti tagged by a Liverpool fan [Pictures]

One moron who claims allegiance to Liverpool offended a whole community in Dublin this week when they tagged an important bridge in the Irish capital honouring one of the Munich Air Disaster victims.

Liam Whelan was one of the eight Manchester United players who died in the Munich Air Disaster in 1958, and the Red Devil is remembered in his homeland by the Liam Whelan bridge near Cabra in Dublin.

Whelan was 22-years-old when he lost his life having incredibly made 98 appearances for Manchester United, scoring 53 goals.

This week an offensive graffiti tag – “Munich bastard, LFC” was spotted on the Liam Whelan bridge, and that provoked an incredible response from the local community.

Fans of local side Bohemians have been credited and quickly grouping themselves to remove the tag from the wall, and since football fans across the club divide have been hanging various jerseys on the bridge as a mark of solidarity against the appalling anti-social behaviour.

See the the Liam Whelan bridge has changed over the past few days below.