Hamburg + paper-ball = UEFA Cup exit (video)

In truly bizarre fashion, Hamburg’s UEFA Cup exit to Werder Bremen on Thursday night can be put down, not to 180 minutes of football, but rather a rogue paper-ball lying on the pitch. Bremen’s crucial third goal, the goal that swung the game in the visitors’ favour, arrived in extraordinary circumstances.

The action began with Hamburg defender Michael Gravgaard looking to pass the ball back to his goalie. However his best laid plans went down the toilet as the ball took an incredible diversion, hitting a ball of paper that was lying dormant on the pitch. The ball popped up, struck Gravgaard on the leg before going behind for a Werder corner.

Handed the advantage, Diego stepped up to deliver the set play and Frank Baumann came storming in to send the underdogs into the Uefa Cup final, where they will play Shakhtar Donetsk.

The incredible footage of how Hamburg were beaten by a piece of paper can be seen here.


As may have been expected, the paper ball is now available for purchase on Ebay. See here.