Getting Stoned: Michael Almeback (Orebro SK) vs Zenit St. Petersburg

“It was a bit clumsy but it is done as it happens in games. Sometimes we don’t think so much.” – Michael Almeback.

A lack of thought was plainly evident from Swedish defender Michael Almeback last weekend as the defender risked his limbs and health in a friendly match with Zenit.

The incident arose when Almeback fully committed himself to chasing down opponent Aleksandr Kerzjakov near the left corner flag – despite the obvious obstruction of a large stone wall standing just feet away from the byeline. Risking far too much for warm-up match, the 21-year-old Almeback went feet-first, full-bloodied into the wall, with the number 19 unsurprisingly injuring his foot in the process.

The footage can be seen here.

[Dirty Tackle]