From spotty teenager to physical specimen: Cristiano Ronaldo’s face evolution over last 10 years [Video]

Portuguese money-holders Banco Espiritu Santo are celebrating their ten-year anniversary of their association with Cristiano Ronaldo.

And they’ve made the curious choice to prepare a video montage of Ronaldo’s physical facial evolution over the last 10 years, from spotty teenager to the physical metrosexual specimen he has become today.

As is widely known, Crisitano had some work done on his choppers while in Manchester, and the perfection of his teeth can clearly be seen on the video, as well as the smooth evolution of his skin, from greasy and spotty to perma-tanned and blemish-free.

Watch the video of the evolution of Cristiano Ronaldo’s face on the clip below.

La evolución del rostro de Cristiano Ronaldo en… by Fichajes