French Burger King mock Marseille’s Gignac with new ad campaign, ‘Whopper Pour Gignac’

French Burger King have launched a funny ad campaign with their opening of new outlets in Marseille.

For conext: in 2012, PSG fans serenaded Andre Pierre Gignac with ‘A Big Mac for Gignac’, making light of the Marseille striker’s burly frame and supposed love of fast food grub.

And now with Burger King opening their first foodhouse in Marseille, they’ve taken up the gag, with the advert ‘Un Whopper Pour Gignac’.

Not the same rhyming quality, but job done from a marketing point of view.

img photo burger king se paye gignac 1397724435 x610 articles 182868 French Burger King mock Marseilles Gignac with new ad campaign, Whopper Pour Gignac

B101 Writer