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Football Art: The best skills of Cristiano Ronaldo (Man United & Real Madrid) in a flipbook

Sunday, June 9th, 2013

Etoilec1 Officiel enjoys making flipbooks, and his latest creation is a joy for all Cristiano Ronaldo fans.

Using an old skool style of making still images come to life, Etoilec1 became an online smash when his Ronaldinho flipbook back in May attracted more than two million views on YouTube.

Now a new flipbook has been released featuring everyone’s favourite preening, stepover superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, and again the video is sublime.

Recreating several standout moments of Cristiano Ronaldo’s career at both Manchester United and Real Madrid, Etoilec1 has once again used his simple, low budget animation style to make a bloody brilliant creation.

Watch the best skills of Cristiano Ronaldo at Manchester United and Real Madrid come to life in flipbook form below.

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