Footage of Chris Morgan’s elbow on Iain Hume

One of the low points of the footballing weekend in England was the horrific injury suffered by Barnsley’s Iain Hume (pictured), who suffered a fractured skull and internal bleeding in Saturday’s loss to Sheffield United.

The injury came about when Chris Morgan challenged for a high ball with Hume, with the Blades’ defender crashing an elbow into the side of his opponent head, leaving Hume prostrate on the floor before being quickly taken to hospital, where he remains.

After undergoing surgery, Hume is said to be in a stable condition, with the latest reports suggesting that Barnsley may seek legal action in the matter.

Video footage of the horrible injury can be seen here. (Apologies for the quality of the video.)


UPDATE: Barnsley manager Simon Davey expressed his anger over the incident to Sky Sports, here.

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  1. What Morgan dis was wrong but no one knows if it was intentional, only Chris Morgan.

    Who ever left the abusive message above should look closly at them selves. This is obviously their level of inteligence.

    SUFC fans as well as Barnsley Fans wish Iain Hume all the best.

  2. Lisa you say whoever left the message needs to look “closly at them selves” (where it should be closely at themselves), while criticizing their “inteligence” while spelling intelligence wrong….

  3. lisa i gather you are a girl (and not a very INTELLIGENT one) so i deem your opinion (regarding football) completely void. ‘cunt’ isn’t the nicest word i agree, but that commenter does not have to ‘take a look at themselves’ for making it, so shut up.

    yes, john – i agree intelligence is not necessarily judged by how good one’s spelling, but lisa’s comments were ironically idiotic.

    morgan IS a cunt.


    Sorry Lisa, anyone who has followed Chris Morgan’s career would know that it was definitely intentional – he’s a horrible, vicious player who has made a career of doing things like this.

  5. The thing about this is that he doesn’t even try to jump, he just stands there, moves the elbow up and as Hume comes in, swings it round. I don’t think he meant to almost kill someone, but he definitely wants to create the ‘I’m a hardman, come near me and you’ll get hurt’ image. It’s about keeping a rep alive so people don’t come in at him. I guess because he doesn’t have enough skill to play the game properly.

    Sadly, he does have a history of this and he’s always protesting his innocence, always the first to go running to the ref when he sees something he doesn’t like.

    Maybe now he’s nearly ended someone life he’ll think twice. Head injuries and operations like this take a long while to get over, require constant medication for a period after and can lead to complications later in life. Let’s be clear the fact Hume’s not dead does not cover up the awfulness and unnecessary nature of the challenge.

    I can understand the swearing to be honest, I think when you look at the challenge and see the reality of its results, you’d be far pushed to disagree. Good Luck Hume.

    As for Morgan, it’s time for him to face up to being a thug and either change, or do something else.

  6. i cant believe he only got a yellow card for this, Iain Hume for aslong as i have known him as a player (since the early Tranmere Rovers days) has always been a very good and fair player, people like this Chris Morgan player should be kicked out of the sport it is a disgrace that players can get away with things like this where as if it had happened on a public football pitch police would have been called.

    I wish Iain Hume a quick recovery and all the best. and I hope Chris Morgan gets what he deserves.

  7. firstly my well wiches go out to iain, secondly the FA now need to stand up and made themslves heard if they can let a registered player get away with such malicious actions then barnsley should take action against them as well, its all well and good promoting respect to referees but where is their show of decency to a players well being.
    yorkshire police also need to make a prescence, you only need to look to the duncan ferguson head butt. Morgan is an animal and heres to him getting his come uppance

  8. As a Canadian soccer fan and a fan of the beautiful game, I’m absolutely sickened by this. To whoever said that Morgan did not do this intentionally, I’d like you to re-watch the video and re-evaluate yourself. Throw aside your childish allegiances to any team and look at it with a human perspective. A man took arguably the most dangerous parts of his body, and at least 4 seconds before the ball reached him, flung it violently in the direction of another man.

    Come on now people? I doubt he intended to break his skull, but he certainly intended to knock him with his elbow, through which only harm can come about. The fact that it was given a yellow card when the offense was committed in plain view of the referee is absolutely absurd. Either the ref himself is devoid of any testicular fortitude or he suffers from periodic blindness.

    Good luck and a speedy recovery to Ian and his family and friends, all our glowing hearts are with you.

  9. To Josh – you’re comment to Lisa simply illustrates your level of intelligence. I’ve met plenty of men who know bugger all about football either. You’re a Neanderthal relic – I’m sure you and Chris will get along just fine. Moron!

  10. Thans Martyn, I couldn’t have put it better myself. As an intelligent female fan, I know a great deal about football and take great exception to morons like Josh, who is obviously the ultimate mcp in football terms.
    I can’t comment on the Morgan incident, because I still haven’t seen the video, but I do know that Morgan on the field is very different to Morgan off the field and I am pretty sure that he will be absolutely mortified by Hume’s injury. No excuses’s though if it was as bad it seems to have been.
    Unfortunately, Morgan’s reputation follows him around, but don’t forget there have been others who have got away with dreadful actions on the field, because they didn’t actually cause any real damage. Namely, one Alan Shearer for kicking, yes kicking Neil Lennon in the head.
    Maybe now is the time to clean up the beautiful game once and for all, whilst still remembering that it is a contact sport. One of the main problems is the lack of consistency amongst referees, some are so bad, that conspiracy theories start to spring to mind.
    Most importantly of all, best wishes and a speedy recovery to Ian Hume.

  11. Morgan is a shit football player but anyone who has played the game knows that some donkey defender will go after you with all they have if they cannot match you on a technical level. Bringing Duncan Ferguson into it is unfair as he was physical but on the whole fair. When he was sent off it was not for shithouse tactics it was a straight up unconcealed punch or headbutt in front of the ref and the other player had a chance to see what was coming. Also he was technically a quality player.

  12. “To Josh – you’re comment to Lisa simply illustrates your level of intelligence.”

    Martyn. It’s “your”. “YOUR comment to Lisa”. Not you’re.

    Pot, kettle?

  13. im with whufc roy on this one. break the piggy bastards legs. what an abosolute cunt he wants fucking dropping. morgan stamps his leg on the floor to get more purchase so he can lean into it. its gets worse everytime i see it.

  14. Chris Morgan should have had more than a yellow card for this incident, this kind of violence is not needed in football. Chris when playing for Barnsley was always full of mistakes in his game and obviously has tried making his game better by being more aggressive. Obviously constantly taking stick on his returns to Oakwell gets his back up, Sheffield you are welcome to him what goes around comes around. All the best to Iain on your recovery lets hope we see you running the line at Oakwell pretty soon!

  15. I feel that you Mr Pilkington need to be more serious with the issue. You need to be more serious about the issue, my cousin could have been killed on that day and Morgan should be banned for life. I know some people like a hard man, but i don’t like that kind of hard man if you know what I mean ;) Bandit forever x

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