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FIGHT! Frank Temile kicks the crap out of Dynamo Kiev teammate Dmitry Korkishko

Sunday, February 17th, 2013

This. Is. Bloody. Mental.

Crazy footage has come out from Dynamo Kiev’s training ground as teammates Frank Temile and Dmitry Korkishko got into one of the craziest fights… ever!

Whilst the catalyst for the incident is unknown, the aftermath was filmed on camera for everyone to see.

Appearing to occur during a training match, Korkishko started the insane ruck when he slapped Nigerian Temile in the face after a brief exchange of words between the pair. Temile, however, took the hit like a boxing champ, and his response was far more furious and painful.

Temile reacted to getting hit by cracking a left hander straight into Korkishko’s kisser. Temile then managed to get the upper hand in a scuffle as he sent Korkishko tumbling to the floor in the headlock, while Temile continued to lay into his Ukrainian teammate as the Dynamo players piled in to try and break up the warring twosome.

Watch Frank Temile kick the crap out of Dynamo Kiev teammate Dmitry Korkishko below.

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