FAIL! Notts County’s Alan Sheehan kicks his goalie Bartosz Bialkowski in the face v Galatasaray

Earlier in the week Galatasaray picked up a 2-1 win at Notts County in a pre-season friendly, and the loss was particularly painful for home goalie Bartosz Bialkowski.

After conceding a goal to Buruk Yilmaz, County’s keeper Bialkowski suffered a double whammy as he took a horrible blow to the head from his teammate Alan Sheehan.

Sheehan was looking to lash the ball into row Z having seen his team let in an equaliser to Gala, but rather than leathering the ball the centre-back unfortunately steered his angry boot straight into his keeper’s noggin.

Watch Notts County’s Alan Sheehan kick his goalie Bartosz Bialkowski in the face below.