#FaceOfPhilJones is a new Twitter craze as Man United’s defender gets mercilessly ribbed

A new craze is beginning to pick up momentum on Twitter.

Phil Jones’ face has long been a source of humour for armchair football fans, and now it seems the latest fad is for regular joes to circulate their versions of #FaceOfPhilJones on the micro-blogging juggernaut.

Barely a game goes by without another comedy picture of the Manchester United defender getting snapped, and now members of the public are pulling their ugliest faces in honour of the 21-year-old Englishman.

It’s anyone’s guess as to the longevity of the hashtag #FaceOfPhilJones, but for the moment it looks like people of football fans are enjoying feeding the zeigest with their comedy snaps.

A collection of the best pictures doing the rounds on Twitter can be seen below.












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